Wireless Guardian Security Footage Identifies Two Crimes in Same Week, Same Location

Metairie, LA. – A Wireless Guardian client in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, was able to assist local law enforcement in an investigation that led to a vehicle theft charge. The client, who owns a national quick-service restaurant (QSR), contacted Wireless Guardian to determine if the restaurant’s security footage could help identify an individual who stole a car at a nearby auto parts store. Even though the restaurant’s security coverage did not extend to the neighboring business, Wireless Guardian technicians were able to access footage just before the incident to determine that the suspect entered the restaurant prior to the auto theft. The video, along with an eyewitness account from a restaurant employee who sat and spoke with the seemingly troubled 33-year-old male suspect, helped to place the culprit in the vicinity of the crime. Additional information garnered by law enforcement helped to identify and charge the man within the same day.

“Wireless Guardian has always had the goal of making our communities safer.  These cases are a perfect example of how the Wireless Guardian system helps accomplish this goal. Combining Signals Intelligence with security footage, ultimately creates better situational awareness and is a great investigative tool.”

The QSR owner called Wireless Guardian again that same week for assistance in identifying an individual who passed a $100 counterfeit bill in the restaurant. While she was able to access the security footage herself, Wireless Guardian techs helped her narrow the video to produce detailed footage of the suspect. A cashier determined to have received the bill positively identified the culprit from a still image, which local law enforcement added to their report.

The restaurant owner expressed confidence in Wireless Guardian’s ability to provide easily accessible and detailed information. In both cases, Wireless Guardian upheld its high standards by demonstrating its ability to help identify offenders and deter future criminal acts, providing professional and responsive customer service, and reassuring the public that Wireless Guardian will not tolerate crime under its umbrella.

About Wireless Guardian: 

Wireless Guardian is the world’s first forward-facing human threat detection system and the most effective investigative security solution for today’s high-tech environment. The company offers a range of technology-based security services, including video monitoring and tracking, access control, and threat detection, and is committed to delivering technology solutions that enhance the safety and security of its clients’ facilities and operations.


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