Our patented and proven technology also uncovers security risks in real time, helping to pinpoint theft and high-theft areas, identify repeat offenders, and prevent and deter robbery, assault, looting, and violence. Additionally, the system anticipates building, equipment, and maintenance expenses, monitors seasonal buying patterns, and optimizes floor plans to maximize sales. The Wireless Guardian system integrates with local, federal, and international law enforcement agencies. In addition, the system is compliant with all local and federal privacy laws, and all personal identifiable information (PII) is protected.

Wireless Guardian is compliant with all current privacy laws. Our system allows us to assess potential threats without accessing sensitive personal information. The four main components of our system follow standard privacy practices:

  • Our patented system compiles the same real-time data collected during the standard usage/operation of any Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Beacon/RFID-enabled device.
  • The camera systems and onsite security personnel follow the same privacy protection procedures that airport and stadium security currently follow.
  • Target lists lawfully compile lists of individuals who may be threats to prevent them from entering a facility.

We seamlessly integrate with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and deliver secure operations in real-time. (DHS information is never shared with the Wireless Guardian system during operations.) We use a sterile onsite terminal that is connected to a DHS server via an encrypted pipeline and load our system’s operational data into a queue processed by that server; when the server receives a “‘hit” from the queued data, a DHS agent in charge of the venue contacts onsite security personnel with the necessary information to respond to the threat.

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