With the continuing surge of gun-related violence and crime at businesses, schools, and public gatherings, we recognize the need for passive real-time vetting and tracking of pedestrians, vehicles, IoT, RFIDs, and devices to collect critical, real-time data and scan for weapons. Our advanced forward-facing early threat detection system helps protect the public, employees, and facilities from potential threats.

Our platform’s key features include brandished weapons detection, artificial intelligence-enhanced (AI) facial capture, signals intelligence (SIGINT), and more. The system offers a smart extended perimeter and modular design for stationary and mobile installations and integrates with most existing systems.

Wireless Guardian Elevates Security and Facial Capture Technology


  • Brandished weapons detection
  • Smart-temp thermal/infrared cameras
  • AI-enhanced facial capture & behavioral analytics
  • Access Control and asset tracking
  • Indoor/outdoor target tracking
  • Fully-encrypted, real-time data


  • Schools, universities, and nonprofits
  • National special security events 
  • Airports, train stations, major bus depots
  • Embassies and consulates 
  • Government and federal buildings 
  • Stadiums, venues, and convention centers 
  • Businesses, private facilities, and events

Wireless Guardian does not collect or store any personal identifiable information (PII). The inclusion of PII in the collected data is only possible through the legal warrant process or private interactions where identity is legally obtained. We adhere to stringent compliance regulations to ensure secure data handling and storage of all information.

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