Retail Media Network (Digital-Out-Of-Home)

Our Edge Technology Partner and Wireless Guardian are pleased to offer Engage, created by Our Edge Technology Partner, and enhanced with at-the-edge data to increase the value of advertising with our highly-specific customer data.

Monetize your existing network while providing a better experience for your customers and an unprecedented revenue stream for your brand. The Engage total retail solutions streamline retail processes and procedures, enhance shopping experiences, boost productivity, safeguard assets, and increase revenue by offering actionable data across the retail footprint.

Our system integrates with retail operations to provide reliable and robust first-party data for advertising and marketing initiatives, loyalty programs, and customer engagement. The system can track customer and employee movements throughout interior and exterior zones, analyze pattern-of-life data, and enhance digital out-of-home advertising.

Our Edge Technology Partner ENGAGE PROGRAM

Wireless Guardian has been named an exclusive partner for Our Edge Technology Partner Corporation’s Engage platform, an AI-driven engine that uses advanced algorithms to wash and contextualize raw data, making it more accurate, reliable, and accessible.

Wireless Guardian is pleased to offer the Engage program, created by Our Edge Technology Partner, to increase the value of advertising with our highly-specific customer data. The strategic partnership combines Wireless Guardian’s AI-Managed security and Our Edge Technology Partner’s Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising expertise with the Engage platform, running on the AI-driven Our Edge Technology Partner Smart Edge.

The engine uses Our Edge Technology Partner Smart Edge technology, which now natively runs all of Wireless Guardian’s functionalities – including its signals intelligence processors, smart camera processors, thermal cameras, and weapon detection devices – to help users generate highly-meaningful security and sales insights.

By incorporating Our Edge Technology Partner Engage, Wireless Guardian helps clients build a smart retail solution that understands the demographics of everyone who enters their store. Store owners can use the information to serve ads on screens and phones in real-time, uplifting the SKU sales of the products being advertised and creating revenue from serving in-store advertisements.

  • Earn additional revenue by strategically placing screens
  • Develop store-specific messaging along with controlled advertising
  • Notify customers of closing times, specials, or emergencies
  • Incorporate into beverage cooler doors, screens, etc.
  • Enhance the shopping experience
  • Provide product information; social and community reviews
  • Connect with social media communities and commerce
  • Utilize platforms for business promotions
  • Engage in equity initiatives and community PSAs
DooH EV Charger
Strategically placed screens


  • Digital out-of-home advertising screens
  • Wi-Fi monetization
  • Pattern-of-life recognition
  • Computer vision
  • Concealed weapons detection
  • AI-enhanced facial capture & behavioral analytics
  • Stolen goods identification and tracking
  • Integrate with existing systems
  • Real-time security & marketing data across the retail footprint
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