Sentinel Mobile ISR Unit White Paper

The Wireless Guardian has developed a patented ground-based Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance ISR system that is designed to provide the warfighter with increased force protection while delivering real-time signals intelligence that removes the “fog of war” and improves situational awareness. The ground-based C4ISR system leverages artificial intelligence and information dashboards to centralize the entire intelligence lifecycle: planning, collection, exploitation, analysis, production, and dissemination. Using encrypted access controls, information can be easily analyzed and disseminated throughout the chain of command in real-time, improving the integration of the in-the-field warfighter with the command headquarters.

The Wireless Guardian offers its Sentinel Mobile C4ISR system as both a mobile and a static system, providing invasive and passive collection and has both offensive and defensive capabilities.

The Wireless Guardian Mobile C4ISR System can be mounted to a vehicle or carried in a backpack.
The Wireless Guardian Mobile C4ISR System can be mounted to a vehicle or carried in a backpack.
  • 360-degree signals intelligence collection from 500-1,000 meters: Passive and undetectable collection within the operational environment,
  • Identifies and locks in on the movement of known or suspected threats allowing units to continue targeted collection to gather intelligence on the known threat’s pattern of life, increase understanding of the target’s social network, or conduct an immediate targeted operation to neutralize the threat.
  • Jam signals entering the team’s protective bubble which can reduce the risks of signals-initiated improvised explosive devices (IEDs).
  • Lock in on any individual that engages in hostile actions. Code that individual and associated signals intelligence in real-time to a known threat allowing the warfighter to immediately identify when that threat enters the unit’s SIGINT signals intelligence bubble in the future.
  • Every movement the unit makes with the Wireless Guardian’s C4ISR capability only increases the unit’s situational understanding. This information can be easily shared with units transitioning to relieve the prior unit which allows the new unit to have improved situational awareness immediately,
  • Enhance the protection of partnered units. Any known friendly that enters to protective bubble is provided with the same protection as the owner of the C4ISR capability. This can help increase force protection for those allies that do not have the same signals intelligence capabilities.
Sentinel Dashboard Example
Sentinel Dashboard Example


  • 360-degree SIGINT signals intelligence collection of critical infrastructure (command headquarters, embassies, forward operating bases, safe houses, etc.).
  • Real-time identification of known threats entering within the protective SIGINT signals intelligence security bubble.
  • Counter-drone technology that can stop the drone’s radio frequency from entering the SIGINT.
  • Weapons and unauthorized item detection that can scan visitors before coming onto the compound.
  • Mitigates the risk of insider threats through signals intelligence collection and analysis of all personnel on-site to determine if those within the facility have been in contact with known threats.
  • Tracks the movement of personnel with real-time alerts for anyone who deviates from typical patterns such as access to unauthorized spaces.
  • Early warning against impending attacks by identifying typically known patterns or threat movements. The system can lock in on known or suspected threats to improve the reaction of the force’s ability to track of movements in real-time


The Wireless Guardian Sentinel offers real-time intelligence and a 'rewind' feature.
The Wireless Guardian Sentinel offers real-time intelligence and a ‘rewind’ feature.


  • All intelligence collected is stored in a central repository. For example, if a unit has 10 vehicles equipped with the Sentinel C4ISR system, intelligence gathered from each of these vehicles will be loaded into a centralize database that will be analyzed by the AI to improve the command’s situational awareness and common operating picture.
  • In a coalition environment, each nation that has the same capability can store its intelligence collection both within internal country-specific data repositories, but can also share the intelligence gathered into a shared coalition repository.
  • “Monday Morning Quarterback” The signals intelligence system allows for units to review intelligence collected and the unit’s response to that information after returning to the base. The system has a “rewind” function that allows the unit to review intelligence collected after the fact to identify new patterns of analysis of the environment or of known threats collected during the unit’s movement. This is beneficial for when a new threat is identified since the system can track any other collection against the same signals intelligence that was previously collected prior to the threat being known.

Since this capability can be integrated from the command to the warfighter, when troops are in contact with the enemy, an off-site member can provide the unit with real-time intelligence related to the threat’s movement, communication activity, and numbers of the threats on-site. This will allow the unit to engage in the immediate fight, but still benefit from the intelligence gathered. i.e., If ground elements are in a pursuit operation, they will have the advantage of knowing where the enemy is in real-time within the system’s radius. If being pursued by the enemy, the Sentinel Mobile C4ISR system will give the force options based on real-time intelligence to counter-track the enemy; by laying an ambush, calling in precise close air support (within 0.5 to 1 meter of accuracy), or to continue withdrawing to a safe advantageous area.


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