System Results in Arrest by Local Law Enforcement



Gunshot Detection
Installed on a Downtown Atlanta Campus, the Wireless Guardian Enhanced Sensor system detected gunshots within the perimeter and recorded device IDs within the gunshot area.

Device Identification
The Gunshot Detection system alerted Law Enforcement to the location of the threat via device tracking. The device IDs recorded the individuals on the premises to provide intelligence in hopes of a positive ID of the suspect.

Law Enforcement Intelligence
Real-time sensor data-informed Law Enforcement, who cross-referenced lists and ultimately cracked the case on a known criminal. The suspect’s positive device id resulted in his subsequent arrest.

22:40:00: Multiple Gun Shots Detected

22:40:02: Gunshot Detection System records the shots and queries the WG Sensor for the wireless devices in the area of the shot

22:40:03: Shot is triangulated and set at 923m northeast of Sensor 3

22:40:05: All IMSI numbers of all devices within 10m of the gunshot supplied to Law enforcement

22:47:12: LE provides a warrant number and all phone numbers associated with the IMSI numbers in the area are provided to LE (unmasked by the warrant within the system)

22:53:22: LE gets the current location of the suspect by providing the Phone Number of the suspect to ATT

22:57:17: Suspect found at home and brought into custody


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